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     Ömercan Şakar was born in 1985 in Ankara and continued his life in Izmir before embarking on his American adventure. During his childhood, he developed a profound interest in nature and music. His fascination with nature led him to engage in mountaineering for a period, and during middle school, he took his first steps into the world of music by playing the classical guitar, a gift from his mother. Introduced to various genres through his father's love for jazz and blues, Ömercan transitioned to playing the drums for the first time in the school's music room, marking the beginning of his musical journey.

     Driven by his passion for jazz music, Ömercan had drum lessons with the esteemed drummer Ayhan Öztoplu in Izmir. Subsequently, he founded the "So What" group, known for its funk, soul, and jazz-centric repertoire, and initiated jazz ensemble lessons with the renowned musician Yavuz Darıdere. Through workshops organized by IKSEV, An organization fro arts and music, Ömercan earned a scholarship to attend the "36th International Summer Masterclasses of Siena Jazz Festival" in Italy, where he participated in jazz education for a month alongside Turkey's distinguished saxophonist Engin Recepoğulları.

     Upon returning to Turkey, Ömercan continued his collaboration with Yavuz Darıdere, contributing to various projects alongside notable figures such as Elvan Arıcı, Kürşat And, Engin Recepoğulları, Dave Allen, Tamer Temel, Kağan Yıldız, Baran Say, Onur Puza, Tolga Bilgin, Halil Caglar Serin, and Buğra Balci.

     Following his exceptional success in an international competition organized by "The Virtual Drummer School," Ömercan won a scholarship to attend "The Drummers Collective" in New York City. At the age of 21, he relocated to New York City, where he studied intensively with respected figures like Peter Retzlaff, Ian Froman, Bob Quaranta, Joe Fitzgerald, Pat Petrillo, Frank Gravis, and Fred Klatz. Under the mentorship of Peter Retzlaff, Ömercan honed his approach to music. He also had the privilege of working with one of his most admired drummers, Dan Weiss, in New York.

     Post-school, Ömercan collaborated with various musicians in New York City, sharing the stage with Maurice Mobetta Brown, Chris Rob, Ibrahim Maalouf, Dave Harrington, Bob Lanzetti, Ilhan Ersahin, Matt Clohesy, Joe Fitzgerald, Christian Almiron, Claudio Fasoli, Mario Raja, Marvi La Spina, Bruno Tommaso, Bob Quaranta, Spencer Zahn, Francesco Beccaro, Sebastien Amman, and Maya Sharpe, among others.

     In 2015, he co-founded the "Psychaudio" group with Martin Seiler, featuring jam sessions from Ilhan Erşahin's "Nublu" jazz club in New York City. They released their debut album "Connect"  in 2017 under Kabak&Lin Records.

     Continuing his collaboration with Ilhan Erşahin at "Nublu" since 2014 to present, Ömercan actively contributes to this unique establishment, organizing concerts, live performances, and hosting world-renowned artists. Also beginning 2024 he will be managing Nublu Records in United States.

     In recent years, Ömercan has expanded his musical interests to include different sounds and cultures, particularly focusing on indigenous shaman drums, Native American flutes, bamboo/wooden flutes, and the innovative instrument, handpan. He continues his work in various projects in both United States and Turkey.

     With unwavering trust in the healing and unifying power of sound and music, Ömercan explores, experiences, and communicates with nature and fellow humans through the medium of sound, contributing to the ongoing adventure of life.

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