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UYAN BEBEK - Oct 2020


Kendini bilmek istersin

Gercegi gormek istersin

Nerden baksan, bilmezsin

Bakabilsen de goremezsin


Kendini bulmak istersin

Neyi aradigini, bilmezsin

Sorgular, durur, donersin

Bastan baslar, devam edersin


Kendini sevmek istersin

Farkinda misin bilmezsin

O, senin, icinde, bir yerde

Fakat sen disarda bi yerdesin


Dinle, izle, kesfet, fark et, hisset


Ruhunu, sevgini, zihnini, bedenini


Nefes al, nefes ver, dur bi bak

Zihninin otesine

Dinle, nefesinin sesini kalbinle


Uyan uyan uyan bebek, 

Uyan uyan uyansana

Uyan uyan bu ruyadan

Uyan uyan uyansana

NEFES - Sep 2020


Nefes aldim, nefes verdim

Hayat dedim, kendim geldim

Beden sectim, icine girdim

Beni yarattim, Ben geldim


Nefes aldim, nefes verdim

Ogrendim, ogretildim

Buyutuldum, suruklendim

Fark etmedim, hep istedim


Sessiz kaldim, Ses cikardim

Dondum yine burdayim


Nefes aldim, nefes verdim

Hic bilmeden, hep istedim

Hic gormeden, hep izledim

Hic duymadan, hep dinledim


Sessiz kaldim, Ses cikardim

Dondum yine burdayim


Nefes aldim, nefes verdim

Bu sefer izledim, bastan dinledim

Icime girdim

Onu fark ettim


Nefes aldim, nefes verdim

Zihnimin fisini cektim

Kalbimin sesini actim

Sevgiyi paylastim


Dengeyi buldum, kaynagi gordum

Sevgi oldum


Cik artik kutunun disina

Disardan bir bak, kendine bir bak

Hersey bir bak, etrafina bak

Sadece izle, sadece dinle


Sevgiyi kesfet

Sevgiyi fark et

Sevgiyi hisset



Wake up in the morning

Sun is shining within Ooo


Birds around are singing

Reminding us to tune in Ooo


Silent pathway calling

Sit still and go in Ooo


Breathe the new beginning

Day by day its changing Ooo


Good Morning to you beautiful

Good Morning to your spirit

Good Morning to your new life

Good Morning you are shining

Fire keeps on burning

Wind is always blowing Ooo


Pachamama grounding

Water always flowing Ooo


No worries you are whining

Ground yourself with the green Ooo


Thank yourself for living

And loving, caring, sharing Ooo


Good Morning to you beautiful

Good Morning to your spirit

Good Morning to your new life

Good Morning you are shining

GOING HOME - Sep 2020


Going home

Where you belong

Its been so long

Far from your home

Wake up wake up

We re going home

Back to the core

Where you come from


Breathe in Breathe out

Tune yourself with love

Find your way in

Get yourself out


Hey ya hey

Hey ya hey hey

Hey ya hey hey


Going home, Going home, Going home



We are sons and daughters of love

We are selfless clusters of life

We are searching for the bright light

We are at this moment tonight


Ancient wisdom guide us until

The sun shines, brings us, all the light for life

Open your eyes, spirit wants to fly

Open your heart and let it fill with love


Inhale, exhale, move the energy

We all share, we all care, in this reality

Chase the silent pathway to dive deep

In your own mind, you will find the key of unity

Then, you, will be free

Tell, me, can you see


All we ask for in this life

To bring the happiness inside

Let it shine let it shine let it shine

Find your way through your dark side



Let it go,

Let it flow


Close your eyes,

Shine your light inside


Look around

Let everything pass by


Dont define, dont resign

Right now


Feel your heartbeat

Feed your spirit with love


Let it go, Let it flow

Let it go, Let it flow

Like the water, Let it flow

Like the rain drops, Let it fall


Touch the ground and let it go

Reach the sky and let it flow

Watch the fire let it go

Feel the love and let it flow



Like the river flows, on the forest ground

You came into my life, to shine your light around

You hold me in your arms, looked into my eyes


Love surrounded us, connecting through the dots

Doors opened for us, to journey to the stars

Together we are one, enjoying the divine


Then, one day

Your heart skips a beat

Your breathe feels asleep

Your mind plays at trick

Your spirit falls in deep


I, ask you

Why cant you see

The divine love in me

Why dont you see

The light beneath the sea

Why wont you go

To dive in your soul

Listen to the sound

Your heart is singing loud

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